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Gary Owens’ work as Senior Principal for FKP Architects encompasses award-winning and precedent setting hospitals, cancer treatment centers and intensive care units, as well as ambulatory care facilities, and increasingly, children’s hospitals. Working from Houston, home of the renowned Texas Medical Center, his influence has a national and international reach via projects in 12 states and in China. Owens employs Evidence Based Design (EBD) to measurably improve patient wellbeing and safety, as well as staff efficiency and safety through planning, programming and design. His solutions merge the caregiver with the patient and provide therapeutic spaces to aid in healing, flexible spaces that are maximally adaptable to accommodate evolving healthcare models, and embody the aspirations of stakeholders (doctors, nurses, administrators, patients, and families) in the design process. Beginning with Texas Children’s Hospital West Tower in Houston and continuing through all subsequent projects, Owens designs acuity adaptable patient care spaces that improve patient outcomes, standardized patient treatment spaces that reduce medical errors, and integrated gardens and views for respite and access to nature to elevate the spirit.