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Kristin enhances teams with her broad patient and staff experience focus in healthcare environments. She has an exceptional talent for merging the complex functional requirements of healthcare facilities with empathetic amiability for patients, families, staff and visitors. Her inviting interiors provide intelligent solutions that infuse spaces with life and energy while optimizing performance and efficiency.

The integrity of Kristin’s design begins at engaging with the team at the programming phase of the project. Here, Kristin begins to understand the specific needs and objectives of the institution and works closely with the architects as the creative process goes into motion. Like the architects on her team, Kristin is mindful of the financial and aesthetic impact her work has on the overall project. She works closely with the team’s leadership to abide by the established goals and explores ways her design component can advance the project’s overall strategy and its aim to enhance operations and business success for clients.

Kristin is an active member of the IIDA, participating in various committees to help promote the interior design industry throughout the community.